Local Sights & Attractions

We provide area maps for self-guided tours in order to help our guests see the most important sites, such as Taughannock Falls (which is higher than Niagara Falls), and Watkins Glen with its famous gorge. Enjoy Cayuga Lake and Seneca Lake Wine Trails and dine at excellent area restaurants.

For group touring the wineries, we suggest that you enjoy the service and safety of a limo tour: Finger Lakes Tours or First Class Limo

The new Tioga Downs racetrack with harness racing and video gaming is a short drive from our B&B.  Open every day, racing continues until mid-September, and the casino is open all year. For the sports enthusiast we can offer suggestions on where to hike, swim, photograph waterfalls and bike. Cross country ski trails begin right off our back porch! We have some of the best hunting and fishing in the country.

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